Indonesia prosecutors seek 8 years’ jail for Uighur militant

Prosecutors in Indonesia are seeking an eight-year prison term for a Chinese Uighur accused of involvement in plots to attack government officials and minority Shiite Muslims.

In a sentencing request, state prosecutors on Monday said Nur Muhammet Abdullah, known as Ali, was guilty of violating Indonesia’s Anti-Terror Law.

Prosecutors say Abdullah was preparing to be a suicide bomber and had given $2,000 to a militant group under the guidance of Bahrun Naim, an Indonesian fighting with the Islamic State group in Syria.

Abdullah was arrested in December on the outskirts of Jakarta with another militant, Arif Hidayatullah.

Hidayatullah was sentenced on Oct. 3 to six years in prison for plotting to assassinate Indonesian officials, including Jakarta’s governor, who is an ethnic Chinese Christian, and Shiite Muslims during the year-end holidays.


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