Uighur Adil Hakimjan  Canadian  Prime Minister Stephen Harper Government

Canada Refuses Uighur Gitmo Detainees

The Canadian Government has refused a US request to accept Chinese Uighur Muslims from Guantanamo Bay.

A spokesperson for Prime Minister Stephen Harper affirmed that the Canadian Government was not willing to take detainees from the detention facility. Director of Communication for the Prime Minister’s office Kory Teneycke said there was no justification for Canada to receive any detainees who are not Canadian citizens or are lacking a connection to the country.

Additionally, Teneycke said that there are no plans to receive Canadian Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr.

In a related development, lawyers for the Uighur detainees have filed a brief with the US Supreme Court, responding to the US Government’s recent reply to the detainees’ petition for certiorari. The petitioners addressed their concern that the February ruling by the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit regarding the Uighurs renders the court’s decision in Boumediene v. Bush merely advisory.

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